Jack W Marvin - Website Design and Development.
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About Jack Marvin

About Jack Marvin

Since 1995, Jack Marvin has honed his internet web design and development skills to the benefit of dozens of business in Southern California and across the country. They rely on his experience, creativity, and the way he listens to their business goals, ...and helps accomplish them.

Jack Marvin, principal owner, has spent over 25 years in the graphics and marketing industry and has spent the last 15 years translating his skills to the Internet and Information Technology. He recognizes that technology alone does not necessarily dictate a great site. Good design, sensible navigation, and intelligent usability are all important elements that go into a site which delivers results.

Jack earned his M.A. from CSULB in Communications (Film and Electronic Art). He adds his intuitive design sensibilities, strong IT coding skills and innovative multimedia integration experience to every website and print project he develops. His focus is to design & develop dynamic websites and ensure that all clients have the latest available technologies. In addition, constant research on new technology and services which will help clients meet their current and future needs.

After 10 years of participating in B2B and B2C marketing, Jack has spent the last several years working with small and medium sized businesses, assisting them to develop their online marketing strategies across multiple platforms. His understanding of both the challenges faced by businesses in today’s ever changing market place, and the opportunities that an effective and consistent online presence can create, provide him with a unique perspective that helps clients reach their target audience.

His high-level programming skills and creative problem-solving abilities, makes Jack the ideal partner for clients. Although it hardly seems possible, he has over 25 years business experience ranging from small start-ups to large corporations. Jack has fine-tuned his skills and knows how to simplify the complexities of website creation for his clients.

Mr. Marvin has applied his experience in Business Marketing to a wide variety projects in multiple industries including real estate, technology and fashion. With many years of experience, Jack is well versed in project management, product marketing, branding, and social media. He has a reputation for using his skills to help businesses of all sizes connect with their customer base.

Let Jack Marvin take care of your website. He’ll give it the attention required and persistently monitor it to ensure it's always updated, fresh and working perfectly.

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Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

Below are a collection of some of my favorite and significant projects from throughout my career. Click on the links for more detailed information, or select the image for a larger view. NOTE: I've condensed the number of projects displayed as production artwork is sometimes found to be a bit dry or boring.

Many representations of my work are unfortunately not available due to individual client property rights, copyright restrictions, the expense of long term archives, and the general lack in availability of digital media in the past. Be sure to also take a look at my Website Portfolio.

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Website Portfolio

Website Portfolio

I regularly advise companies regarding their online marketing efforts.  In addition, I consult on strategies to "monetize websites" through the use of e-commerce, paid-advertising and increased traffic.

These are examples of some of the websites I have built. Advanced functionality included in the designs are: shopping cart, affiliate tracking, javascript, web applications, browser optimization, compliant code, database integration, liquid layouts...

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Personal Life

Personal Life

Jack has worked closely with marketing and design experts to develop compelling websites that corresponded with print media, marrying the two methods of advertising and enhancing both. Jack has earned his experience by always utilizing techniques that are new and innovative.

With exceptional attention to detail, Jack has successfully developed numerous projects both small and large. His dedication and results-oriented style have allowed him to become experienced with a variety of complicated skills that he draws upon to benefit his clients.

His experience is in project management and as an accomplished production artist. In addition, Mr. Marvin has a strong sense of ethics, which guide his decisions in both his personal and professional life.

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