Jack W Marvin - Website Design and Development.
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Graphic Design Portfolio

Below are a collection of some of my favorite and significant projects from throughout my career. Click on the links for more detailed information, or select the image for a larger view. NOTE: I've condensed the number of projects displayed as production artwork is sometimes found to be a bit dry or boring.

Many representations of my work are unfortunately not available due to individual client property rights, copyright restrictions, the expense of long term archives, and the general lack in availability of digital media in the past. Be sure to also take a look at my Website Portfolio.

Fab Optix

This ad series was created for Fab Optix, San Clemente California. It ran throughout the summer of 2002 and was featured in "Surfer Magazine" (Jun. cir. 113,000), "Surfing Magazine" (Jul. cir. 120,000), and "Happy Mag" (Jun. cir. 63,000). Featured in the designs are professional surf celebrities Archy and Gavin.

Dave & Busters

The second largest adult amusement center chain in the world, had a problem with decal sets wearing out due to excessive use and moisture. Replacement parts were expensive and often got stuck in customs coming from Japan. Graphic sets were developed which exceeded all expectations for color, quality, performance, and price.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Before anyone knew the term "Internet", my friends and I were making graphical user interfaces for online bulletin board systems. It's hard to imagine but in those days "AOL (America Online)" was the underdog to companies like "Compuserve" and "Prodigy". As access to the Internet became more available, I dropped BBS development in lieu of HTML.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World

This was a great opportunity to work on a large-scale licensed apparel line for children.  I assisted with the development cycle and did most of the artwork for the initial presentation.  Duties included layout, color variations and product matrix.  Other projects soon followed making me somewhat of an expert in the field.

Wahoo's Fish Tacos: Snowboards

A large amount of research went into developing techniques for snowboard printing, which would withstand tremendous amounts of heat and pressure during the manufacturing process, and substantial abuse as finished products. At the time, very few companies were even attempting to process print top-sheet graphics, because of the difficulty involved.

Menace to the Game Sportswear

These garments were designed and milled with athletes in mind, over-sized, double-stitched, and large-necked.  Three separate print locations, complex blends, and jumbo-sized graphics all contributed to a superior product.  Complete line contained more than 100 designs and required over 1,000 production films.

U.S. Major Airlines

If you've ever been on a jet, then you've seen my work.  Working for Avion Graphics and Bill's Truck Lettering, I helped produce exterior markings, engine decals, interior placards, and just about everything else that the FAA requires for a jet to fly.  Working with aircraft suppliers taught that"good" is not good enough, as their requirements are very demanding.

Paisano Brothers Pizzeria

I was contacted during the early phase of the business to provide uniforms for the staff.  As the project continued, my services were invaluable in the following areas:  interior design, interior layout, tile design, lighting design, upholstery design, promotional design, in-store displays, computerization, store operation, financial statements, staff management, and ultimately daily operation.

Messing with Pen or Pencil

Although I would not consider myself an illustrator, I do enjoy picking up a pencil or pen and sketching an image now and again.  I have acquired a true appreciation for people with the skills and artistry to "draw", as a profession.  I find working with traditional art mediums to be not only relaxing, but also very rewarding.