Jack W Marvin - Website Design and Development.
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Personal Life

Jack has worked closely with marketing and design experts to develop compelling websites that corresponded with print media, marrying the two methods of advertising and enhancing both. Jack has earned his experience by always utilizing techniques that are new and innovative.

With exceptional attention to detail, Jack has successfully developed numerous projects both small and large. His dedication and results-oriented style have allowed him to become experienced with a variety of complicated skills that he draws upon to benefit his clients.

His experience is in project management and as an accomplished production artist. In addition, Mr. Marvin has a strong sense of ethics, which guide his decisions in both his personal and professional life.

Skills learned by Jack Marvin over the course of his career and lifetime.

These are just some of the companies or projects that I have worked on. Certain work was contracted through third-parties.

I've worked in several industries, which is the primary source of my diverse knowledge and experience. I'm sometimes referred to as "Jack-Of-All-Trades" ...so bravo for my mother for choosing the right name!

My humble beginnings started with full-time employment at age fifteen,  ...to help pay my way through high school.

Degrees Held:
  • Bachelor of the Arts – Film and Electronic Art
    California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) - Honors

In addition to music, design, and cars, I have a passion for traveling and the unfamiliarity of new destinations.  Although most of my travels would probably not be considered vacation, I have had the opportunity to tour extensively throughout North America.