Jack W Marvin - Website Design and Development.
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I've worked in several industries, which is the primary source of my diverse knowledge and experience. I'm sometimes referred to as "Jack-Of-All-Trades" ...so bravo for my mother for choosing the right name!

Graphic Design / Production Art

I love to design graphics. Art and computers together is a nice fit for me. I'm allowed to express myself with someone else's vision and I find it very rewarding. I would not have been able to achieve success in the other industries I've worked in, if it wasn't for my natural ability to design graphics.

I look forward to a rewarding future with computer graphics and get very excited about the constant emergence of new tools and technology. Whatever the path that life leads me down, I'm sure I will always have a passion for art and graphics.

Webmaster / Web Developer

During the early years of the web as we know it, and the ensuing explosive growth of the Internet, there was a serious demand for "computer people" that knew graphics. This was a niche at the time and led to a great career as the senior web developer for two major corporations and several smaller companies. This would've been the perfect career for me if the bottom didn't drop out of the industry as thousands of kids started pouring out of college with "new media" degrees.

With the current popular opinion that websites are cheap or free, there is not enough incentive to freelance as a web designer. I enjoy the work very much and will continue to design and develop my little corner on the web.

IT Director

Several large corporations acknowledged my contributions and offered me the position of Information Technology Director. This experience and knowledge has complimented just about every project I have been involved with.

My first computer was the original IBM "XT" personal computer. I've built hundreds of workstations and servers since that time. Before it was popular, I started networking employee computers together. It's hard to believe at that time many people could not see the benefits of file sharing, printer sharing, and remote file access.

Online Portfolio Now Available!
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