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In addition to music, design, and cars, I have a passion for traveling and the unfamiliarity of new destinations.  Although most of my travels would probably not be considered vacation, I have had the opportunity to tour extensively throughout North America.

1997 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 So what do I do when I'm not behind a computer?  I get out and enjoy the weather.  I try not to miss an opportunity to relax at the beach, travel the coast, or have a good meal at an open-air venue.

My idea of fun,  ...is a short trip in a fast car.  I'm not shy about an occasional street race and have had to teach many a Honda & Mustang an embarrassing lesson.  I generally bow-out against a new Vette or 911,  ...unless they catch me with the nitros warmed up!

1967 Volkswagon Karman Ghia An ongoing project has been helping my younger brother restore his 1967 Volkswagon.  It's nearing completion and starting to resemble our original concept.  It now has beautiful Bavarian-blue metallic paint, and more stainless than a gourmet kitchen.

I like to conceptualize and design all things.  I regularly get out my doodle pad and work on sketches of "far-out" products.  My favorite time is industrial design of experimental and concept vehicles.

For stories and more information, check out my personal blog.

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