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My humble beginnings started with full-time employment at age fifteen,  ...to help pay my way through high school.

Travel Agent

During high school I was a popular "temp-agent" for many of the city's local travel agencies. An industry with a shortage of young men, led to several vacation "dates".  I developed a professional reputation and was soon the personal travel coordinator for several top corporate executives and professional players from three NBA basketball teams.

Toward the end of that career, I implemented a sales strategy that made the local television news and earned myself the title of "Top Grossing Sales Agent Ever" for America West Airlines, only to outdo myself the next day.  I went on to put together a computer system that would allow my clients to search and book their own flights and hotels.

General Labor

This field I like to avoid when possible, but I have often found it necessary.  Being willing and capable has kept me fed on many occasions including most of my travels.  Some of the jobs I had were; pallet-maker, shit-shoveler, box mover & stacker, door-sander, cd-smasher, and metal parts assembly that would leave your hands cut-up and bloody because optional gloves were not included.  After ten hours in one-hundred degree weather, the grime was thick and the smell pretty bad but we could survive another day.

When a factory shut down because the primary machine operator was seriously sick, I stepped-up and convinced the owners that I could operate the machine.  In the process, I saved the company several hundred-thousand dollars, saved the employees their monthly quota bonus, and became a true hero to the people who worked there.

Food Service Industry

Early in high school and later as an emancipated student, I worked as "graveyard crew" at a 24hr food-joint.  The shift only allowed enough time for a quick shower before school.  When I started to drive, I quickly became known as a "hot-shot" delivery driver and made a fair living.  This experience led to a management position and ultimately having the opportunity to design, build, and manage a small restaurant.  Later, I put together a computer system that would allow access to our customers delivery information and order history.

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