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1969 Ford Falcon Futura

My grandpa had always driven these old Ford Falcons for as long as I could remember. This one I got from my uncle when he was done with it. It was somewhat beat-up when I got it. Same friend who painted my bike agreed to trade again for an awesome "burgundy metallic pearl" paint job.

Another friend had an upholstery shop and wanted a trade deal too. It was starting to look very nice and not so embarrassing. Too bad I didn't know a guy with an engine shop. Good ol' reliable 351 with a not so reliable distributor. I used this car to commute to a new job 35 miles away. It got up and went. I'd get into the fast lane and just cruise along at 80-85. The only real problem was stopping. You had to push both feet on the pedal and pull on the steering wheel to come sliding to a slow stop. An intoxicated woman with a child in her minivan slammed into me on the road and took off. I had to chase her for several miles, honking and waving at all the cops I passed. Eventually, I sued her insurance company and got enough money for a newer or nicer car. I sold the smashed car to a friend of a friend who wanted the trailer hitch.

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It requires a great deal of faith for a man to be cured by his own placebos. ~John L. McClenahan