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1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Somebody knew I needed a car and gave me this thing. Perhaps I bought it for $500 on payments or so. This thing was a "land yacht" that just floated down the road. It had power everything during a time when nothing did.

It had power windows, power door locks, automatic transmission, tilt, cruise control, air conditioning, and all those other fancy features that were only found on Grandpa's car. That was an issue too. Nobody wanted to go cruising in gradpa's car and the girls were certainly not impressed. The thing had a lot of power and could go 95-100 mph no problem. I think it also got like 6-8 miles per gallon! the one thing it was really great for was sneaking people into the drive-in movies. We'd have just two people in the front with maybe one more in the back, but down on the floor would be 2-3 more and another 2-3 in the trunk! We would joke about it and call it a "seven body" trunk, because we knew that in a pinch we could hide everybody in that car. It also had a huge hood and trunk lid for tandem desert surfing.

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