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Cholla Junior High School

My parents couldn't afford our new house so we moved back to the old neighborhood and old school. There were some new kids and some of the old kids were gone, but mostly it was the old gang back together again.

We weren't quite children anymore as most of us began to mature and find new interests. Of course my reputation preceded me and I was once again called "The Star Wars Freak." That was fine, I've always worn that as a badge of honor! I was also a charming young man with a lot of charisma and became moderately popular with the "common man." I even started developing a reputation for dating all of the cutest women in seventh-grade. This made a lot of my friends insanely jealous. I tried to share the secret of not being a jerk to girls, but some would just not listen or learn. It would be five or six more years before some of those guys ever went on a date. In the meanwhile, I continued my miniature and special effects hobbies. I spent the summers with my aunt and grandmother in California. Good times!

I graduated from junior high school at age thirteen and may have been the youngest kid to ever graduate from that school.

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Things are entirely what they appear to be and behind them... there is nothing. ~Jean Paul Sartre