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1987 Toyota Sunrader

1987 Toyota Sunrader

1987 Toyota Sunrader

I have wanted a camper for a long time. I told myself if I ever got tired of driving a fast sportscar, I'll finally get a truck.
One with an automatic transmission so I don't have to shift anymore. Then I discovered that you can take your dog with you and leave them in a rv legally while you run into a store or doctor appointment, as long as it wasn't too hot and they have water. this seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.

I should have switched to one of these years before when I was traveling a lot with my dog or when I went back to school to get my degrees and had to run home between classes to walk the dog. Anyway, they don't make this size camper anymore so I had to buy an old one. It had lots of issues as any old vehicle would but I've undertake the challenge of trying to make it nice and roadworthy again. Our maiden voyage was eight weeks and was pretty amazing. Since I can do my work from anywhere with power and Internet, this seemed like a great option for a mobile office. What I didn't know is there are many places you just can't park it, like in front of your friend or family's house in many areas. I intended on using it as a commuter vehicle or my daily driver but that will be tricky unless I move out to the country. Sounds like a new plan is formulating.

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