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Since 1990 Jack Marvin has enjoyed the responsibility and fast pace of a freelance graphic designer. He's helped many clients establish a vibrant presence and consistently finds creative solutions for their projects.

During the mid-1990's Jack introduced the benefits of web technology to the California surf industry. He worked closely with marketing and design experts to develop compelling web sites that corresponded with print media, marrying the two methods of advertising together and enhancing both. He gained experience by utilizing concepts that were new at the time. Since those early days and during the ensuing explosive Internet growth, Jack Marvin (California) has remained a key player in web development. His achievements include the overwhelming success of a free-site affiliate program, and the management and operation of a dedicated web facility.

Mr. Marvin has extensive professional expertise in commercial graphic software including Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, and a strong working knowledge of scripting in various languages. His advanced knowledge of production techniques and design processes for both web and print media consistently results in superior projects and significant cost savings for his clients.

In addition to music, design, and cars, J Marvin has a passion for traveling and the unfamiliarity of new destinations. Although most travels of JackMarvin would probably not be considered vacation, he's had the opportunity to tour extensively throughout North America.

With his exceptional attention to detail and experience, Jack has successfully developed numerous projects. His dedication and results-oriented style have allowed him to become experienced with a variety of complicated skills that he draws upon to benefit his clients. His experience is in management, as a designer and as an accomplished production artist. In addition, Mr. Marvin has a strong sense of ethics, which guide his decisions in both his personal and professional life.

I hope you've enjoyed a little bit of insight into the person and the experiences of J. Marvin.

jack w marvin

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