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Here are most of the schools which were attended by Jack Marvin.


  • Johns Hopkins University

    Johns Hopkins University

    Alright, I never attended Johns Hopkins University but I was part of a multi-year study they did on school children across the country. The "Project for the Study of Academic Precocity" was a program to determine at an early age who the children were with the aptitude to excel.
  • Sunburst Elementary School

    Sunburst Elementary School

    My parents bought a new house and we moved a few miles across town. As a new student, one teacher in particular paid specific attention to me. She encouraged me to reach beyond my comfort area and explore my art and ideas.
  • Cholla Elementary School

    Cholla Elementary School

    During the next four years I started a model rocket club, was always anchor in tug-o-war, and eared a large stack of red ribbons in science and sports. My passion was science fiction. I read the entire section from the little library and eventually had to take the bus to a larger library.
  • Lakeview Elementary School

    Lakeview Elementary School

    When I showed-up to Lakeview Elementary School a few months after school had started, they didn't know what to do with me. I had already started that year in second grade and they didn't want to "flunk" me.
  • Arcata Christian School

    Arcata Christian School

    This was a small private school in the redwood forests of Northern California. Our family moved to that area as part of a religious movement (with ties to Jonestown). It was a great place to live as a kid. Anyway, I got caught doing my older brother's homework.
  • Grace Christian Academy

    Grace Christian Academy

    When I was five years old I started school in pre-kindergarten at the Grace Christian Academy. The principal, Dr. Somebody, had a wooden paddle in a box named "The Coffin." It had batteries, wires, and switches connected to it. Rumors were told about "the electric paddle."

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