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Because I moved around a lot as a young man, I have attended several different schools. In some ways this was probably good since I got to meet people from different areas. On the other hand, my friendships were also short-lived since I was always getting new classmates. I did have the opportunity to attend a few schools as part of various special programs which allowed me to study a more broad array of topics.

California State University

I was somewhat surprised when I was accepted into the same film program as Steven Spielberg. He's always been a...
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Academy of Art University

Over the summer I was invited to San Francisco to attend courses in film and media production at the Academy of...
4,391 hits
Orange Coast College

After many years and several careers, my Sister convinced me to go back to school with her. It seemed like it was...
5,634 hits
Orange County Regional Occupational Center

I returned to California yet again. This time I was armed with a small computer workstation and some pirated CAD...
1,785 hits
Saddleback College

First person in my family to attend a college. Saddleback was very nice and rated as one of the best schools in...
12,056 hits
United Airlines Apollo Training Center

I was already a hot-shot travel agent when I was sent to a two week course at the United Airlines Apollo Training...
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Washington High School

I only went to Washington High School for one class at night. I needed the missing class to graduate....
1,818 hits
Cortez High School

This is the school I would have gone to from the start. It was a half-mile from my childhood home. I left my...
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Alhambra High School (again)

When I came back to Alhambra High School, I was the returning hero. I had a bit of legend status as the guy who...
1,787 hits
El Toro High School

It seemed like a good opportunity to move to California and live in wonderland for awhile. My older brother had...
1,785 hits
Alhambra High School

I switched schools when I went to live with my Dad and Stepmom. I was instantly accepted into the drama program...
1,786 hits
Arizona State University

Because of my experience as the lighting director for several large productions, I was invited to attend a...
1,785 hits
Moon Valley High School

All of my friends from jr. high were going to attend nearby Moon Valley High School. For me to get a "variance"...
1,784 hits
Cholla Junior High School

My parents couldn't afford our new house so we moved back to the old neighborhood and old school. There were some...
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Northern Arizona University

As part of a special program, I was selected to attend a two-week summer leadership camp at NAU. It was up in the...
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Johns Hopkins University

Alright, I never attended Johns Hopkins University but I was part of a multi-year study they did on school...
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Sunburst Elementary School

My parents bought a new house and we moved a few miles across town. As a new student, one teacher in particular...
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Cholla Elementary School

During the next four years I started a model rocket club, was always anchor in tug-o-war, and eared a large stack...
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Lakeview Elementary School

When I showed-up to Lakeview Elementary School a few months after school had started, they didn't know what to do...
1,786 hits
Arcata Christian School

This was a small private school in the redwood forests of Northern California. Our family moved to that area as...
1,786 hits
Grace Christian Academy

When I was five years old I started school in pre-kindergarten at the Grace Christian Academy. The principal, Dr....
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